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The Moon

New Single

“The Moon”, the third single from the duo, is a moody ballad with an air of melancholy. The song explores the feelings of alienation, isolation, and disconnection; within ourselves and with those around us; that can occur after going through a major life change while living in a technologically advanced society.  


Sophomore Single

“Billboards” is an infectious synth-pop concoction brewed up with ACTORS mastermind Jason Corbett (Art d'Ecco, Mesa Luna, The Gathering) at his Jacknife Sound studio, coincidentally located mere blocks away from the Sugar Refinery. Mike Usinger, the Music Editor of Vancouver news-and-entertainment weekly the Georgia Straight, wrote a rave review of the track, which he nominated as “Vancouver’s new official anthem”.

Like Animals

Debut Single      

“Like Animals”is a throbbing slice of dark neo-new wave, buoyed by the duo’s heaven-sent vocal harmonies. The band show a suitably moody video for the song in the British Columbia Sugar Refinery—a century-old industrial building.

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