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Mully & Sculder are a Canadian musical duo composed of singer/songwriter Sarah Wheeler & multi-instrumentalist Aaron Trory. Incorporating elements of synth-pop, post-punk, and new wave; the duo draw heavy inspiration from a local sci-fi TV series. They blend the synthetic keyboard sounds and programmed beats with a very human heart & soul.

Origin:               Vancouver, BC

Genres:              Synth-pop, post-punk, new wave

Years Active:        2018 - Present

Website:             mullyandsculdermusic.com


Georgia Straight 

Album of the Week

““Billboards” starts out with the kind of neon-lit, bass-bombed synth line that New Order once specialized in, with the metronome-steady Eurodisco drums steering things straight for the dance floor.”


The Moon

New Single

“The Moon”, the third single from the duo, is a moody ballad with an air of melancholy. The song explores the feelings of alienation, isolation, and disconnection; within ourselves and with those around us; that can occur after going through a major life change while living in a technologically advanced society.  


Sophomore Single

“Billboards” is an infectious synth-pop concoction brewed up with ACTORS mastermind Jason Corbett (Art d'Ecco, Mesa Luna, The Gathering) at his Jacknife Sound studio. Mike Usinger, the Music Editor of Vancouver news-and-entertainment weekly the Georgia Straight, wrote a rave review of the track, which he nominated as “Vancouver’s new official anthem”.

Like Animals

Debut Single      

“Like Animals”is a throbbing slice of dark neo-new wave, buoyed by the duo’s heaven-sent vocal harmonies. The band show a suitably moody video for the song in the British Columbia Sugar Refinery—a century-old industrial building.


WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

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